COREFX Power Tubes

12.99 CAD

The COREFX Power Tubes have been tested to stand up to extended use at any environment making a great choice for use at home or in a gym!

The COREFX Power Tubes are a great way to add resistance to your training routines and fitness workouts to enhance muscle definition tone and strength. Resistance tubes are a very portable and easy-to-use pieces of fitness equipment designed with personal training sports conditioning and boot camps in mind. The COREFX Power Tube is made from top-grade Malaysian latex for maximum durability and stretch and features a unique handle the will not absorb sweat.



  • Use resistance to strengthen tone and stretch
  • Made from top-grade Malaysian latex for maximum durability and stretch
  • Features a unique handle the will not absorb sweat


Handle Color Difficulty Weight Resistance
White Light 10LB
Red Medium 15LB
Blue Heavy 20LB
Black Very Heavy 30LB
Grey Ultra Heavy 50LB