Stamina X AMRAP Power Tower

329.98 CAD

About this item
1 tower, many muscle groups
For the serious athlete
Offers multiple stations on one machine
Build the body you desire

The Stamina X AMRAP Power Tower fires up the entire body without the need for extra equipment. Multiple stations help you build a sculpted and shredded back, core, legs, arms, and shoulders. In addition to boosting muscle mass, the Power Tower also helps you burn calories and improve cardiovascular health. An all-in-one design combines the potency of a full-body workout with multiple comfort elements.

For the Serious Athlete
The “AMRAP” (As Many Reps as Possible) design ethos tries to live up to its name: The Stamina X AMRAP Power Tower offers multiple stations on one machine to guarantee you can build the body you desire. Sculpting your back has never been easier thanks to the three different stations, including chin-ups, wide-grip, and boulder-grip pull-ups. The unique boulder grips emulate rock-climbing handholds to increase grip and forearm strength. Tackle the chest and tris with the push-up and dip station. Aim for the core with the sit-up station. Each station includes foam-padded handles for the utmost comfort during workouts.

Adjustable Plyometric Platform
One of the major features that set the AMRAP Power Tower apart from its peers is the inclusion of an adjustable plyometric platform. The platform ranges from 20″ to 24″ in height, for a wide variety of muscle-boosting and intensive cardio exercises, including squat jumps, single-leg squats, step-ups and calf raises. The textured surface provides enhanced stability and security. The Stamina X AMRAP Power Tower is likely to be a centerpiece in any athlete’s home gym thanks to its rugged, feature-rich set of workout stations.