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How to eat healthy desserts

When you eat a healthy dessert, you’ll be happier.

But there’s a catch.

We’ve all been there.

And that’s when you realize that the real happiness comes from enjoying your meal with a good friend.

So, how do you enjoy a dessert that’s delicious without getting too obsessed?

We found the following 10 healthy desserts to give you the edge when you’re looking to make a statement.1.

Aioli with honey and strawberries1.

Cottage cheese ice cream with caramelized strawberries2.

Coconut ice creamWith a simple, fresh twist, this dessert pairs the sweet and tangy berries with cream and butter.

This ice cream is delicious without being overwhelming.3.

Banana creamPie, the perfect combination of chocolate, fruit and fruit flavors, is a dessert to try if you’re a fan of sweet treats.4.

Cinnamon ice creamA savory ice cream made with fresh, sweet cinnamon.

This is the perfect dessert for people who love to savor fresh and sweet.5.

Chocolate mousseDesserts that have a hint of chocolate or chocolate and vanilla are the perfect choice when you want something to warm you up on a cold winter day.6.

Chocolate-chip ice creamIce cream topped with chocolate chips, this is a great treat to make for any time of year.7.

Raspberry ice creamStrawberry ice cream topped in a raspberry-infused cream sauce.8.

Creme bruleeDessert made with cream, vanilla and strawberry.

This dessert is sweet and creamy and will definitely satisfy any craving.9.

Mango sorbetThis dessert is a perfect dessert to go with a salad, or a dessert for dessert lovers.10.

Raspberry sorbetCreamy raspberry sorbet with whipped cream, fresh raspberries and strawberries.

This smooth, creamy dessert is perfect for making it your very own.