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I’m making healthy,grits tacos for my kids

Healthy and healthy tacos are now a thing for kids, according to the owner of a local chain of taco restaurants.

Theresa Mancini told local news station KTVU that she opened her first healthy food restaurant on a corner lot on Friday, but it’s already serving up meals of all kinds to kids at her San Jose location.

Mancini said her goal is to make healthy meals as accessible as possible, so that kids and their parents can enjoy a meal without worrying about how much food they are eating.

She said she’s trying to reach the goal of getting 10 percent of kids to eat at least one healthy meal a day.

“It is about not just providing the meals but making sure kids are getting healthy food that’s really good,” she said.

“The kids are always looking for new things to try and have new things that are good for them.

They’re looking for something new, they’re always looking to try new things.”

She’s also trying to get more kids to try out the new menu, and that’s one of the reasons why she’s opened her new location in a residential neighborhood near a church and community center.

“Kids really enjoy the food, especially when they have a snack,” she explained.

“I’m trying to make it easier for kids to come here and get healthy food.

They don’t have to be afraid of getting sick.”

Mancinis restaurant, called Mama’s, is named after her two daughters, ages 2 and 4, who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

She said the two kids have already been taking part in a healthy diet and have also been doing homework and socializing with their teachers.

Manchinis said she hopes her restaurant, like the others she’s opening around the Bay Area, will help spread the word about the importance of healthy eating.

“We just wanted to do something good for our kids and hopefully they will become healthier,” she told KTVUs.