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A New Bible: What you need to know about eating healthy foods

A new Bible has been issued by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) that has some serious concerns about the state of the world.

The new edition of the Bible has some bolder claims about the human body than those of previous editions and its focus on human sexuality.

There is a section on the body of Christ that is “a picture of God’s great, glorious, holy, unchangeable, unalterable, and immortal Son, our Lord Jesus Christ”.

The Bible also claims that Jesus was “a great teacher, a great preacher, a wonderful healer, a healer of the sick, a defender of the oppressed, a rescuer of those in need of help, and a destroyer of the enemy”.

The New Testament is also described as a “bible of the kingdom” and as “the Bible of our time”.

There is even a section called “God’s Law” that states that “the law of God is the law of love”.

Some of these passages are not really surprising.

We all know that the Bible is full of claims that are not backed up by evidence.

So, what is new about the new edition?

First, the emphasis on human sex.

There are some new claims that go into detail about sex, such as the belief that sex was a choice and that it was “not a man’s business”.

In this section, the Bible claims that God “pours out his love” on men.

He wants them to feel “like angels in the flesh”.

This is “an invitation for men to be fully involved in their sexual lives and, in doing so, to have the courage to live the life God has provided for them”.

This passage from Matthew 26:18 is the most interesting.

It is followed by Matthew 19:12, which claims that “God sent his Son into the world to do good, not to do evil”.

It is then followed by Hebrews 5:15, which says that “we must love God with all our heart and with all of our soul and with every part of our body”.

All of these claims are taken directly from the New Testament.

There also is an assertion that God is “good and loving” and that “there is no other God but Him”.

There are also new claims about homosexuality and the LGBT community, including the belief, for example, that the LGBT people “deserve to die”.

There were also a number of other claims about sexual orientation and gender identity that did not make it into the New Bible.

Some of the claims in this section were particularly troubling, however, such a claim that homosexual people “are just like the rest of us”.

That was a reference to homosexuality being “a biological reality” and not something that “comes from the mind”.

There was also a claim about transgenderism.

In this passage, it says that transgender people are “born the way they are, not the way their gender assigned at birth”.

There has been a number in recent years of attempts to change the way the Bible deals with sexuality, including changing the language around “gender”.

There have also been changes in how it is portrayed in the media.

For example, the new Bible includes an image of the female genitals.

This was previously seen as a contradiction to the New Covenant, which states that Jesus Christ was not a man and that his “body” is a “sacred treasure” and “gift from the Father”.

The image of male genitals is seen as an acknowledgement of what is commonly known as “transvestism”.

This new passage claims that this “curse” is “not only a sin but also a mortal sin.”

In this new Bible, the “sin” is not only homosexual activity but also “the sexual act between two men”.

In addition, the book claims that same-sex activity is “deviant”.

In fact, homosexuality is “the highest form of human sin”.

The book also claims the following: homosexuality is an affront to God, and it has no place in a loving God-fearing society.

Homosexuality is not merely a “disorder” or a “disease”.

Homosexuals are not “lifestyle choices” but are “sinful, sinful persons”.

Homophobia is not a sin, but an attitude.

There must be a “natural inclination” to be homosexual.

God is not perfect but “there must be some way of knowing” that homosexuality is a sin.

The Bible does not teach that homosexuality will be accepted or that homosexual activity will be tolerated in a peaceful society.

The book even claims that homosexual behavior “will not be accepted in a tolerant society”.

It does not say that homosexuality should be tolerated or that it should be illegal.

There were other new claims in the new book that were disturbing.

For instance, in Matthew 22:39-40, the passage states that the “sons of God are greater than all the sons of men” and claims that there are “greater things than this world” that