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How to save money on healthy coffee and snacks

Healthnut CEO Nick Szabo said that the company has recently seen a surge in customers looking for healthy options.

He told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that Healthnut customers have been looking for more affordable options in recent months.

“We’re seeing that demand increase and it’s kind of been a natural evolution of what we do,” Szabo explained.

“We’re not a super big coffee shop, we’re not really a health food store.

So it’s sort of been about finding a balance between our customer service and what’s right for our business.”

He added that Health Nut customers have found that they don’t have to sacrifice on quality to make it to the best deals.

“In fact, they may even enjoy our food better,” he said.

Healthnut has already been making headlines for its recent foray into health food and supplements.

The company has launched a line of health foods and supplements aimed at the young and healthy, and is currently working with some of the world’s largest brands.

Health Nut also has partnerships with brands like the makers of Nutella, Whole Foods Market, and Kroger.